Care & Cleaning

JEWELRY CARE & CLEANING: All of the pieces in the collection are made with Swarovski & fine sterling. If the crystals begin to dull or the sterling begins to tarnish follow these instructions: (1) Rinse your Swarovski & sterling in warm water (2) Apply mild dish detergent to the surface & rub gently (Take care not to scratch foil-backed or ab-coated components.) Specialty cleaners designed for Swarovski jewelry are also safe to use. (3) Rinse the jewelry thoroughly with warm water to remove any of the detergent residue. (4) Dry using a soft cloth. Make sure that the jewelry has completely dried before wearing or storing.) (5) Use a soft sterling polishing cloth on the silver. Extra notes: (1) Remove jewelry before sleeping, cleaning, cooking, showering & swimming to minimize exposure to harsh chemicals & increase the life of your jewelry. (2) Do not use sonic cleaners or a commercial jewelry cleaner on Swarovski jewelry. (4) Like all fine crystals, Swarovski can scratch, crack &/or break if knocked on hard services. (5) Although it is rare, the PH in some individuals’ skin may affect the foil-backed or ab-coated components.